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Recording Set-Up

The Dzongkha edit for PILGRIM'S PROGRESS is advancing smoothly, as we take a few moments to reflect on all that God accomplished during the Recording Phase of this Project in the month of March. Time is such an intricate commodity. We are constantly reminded we are to concern ourselves with the activities of today alone and not worry about yesterday or even tomorrow, as these are no longer options available to us. But we can review what God accomplished in days past. He certainly did a significant work during our Recording Project for Bhutan.

Regardless how well we feel we have prepared for any Recording Venture, there looms an unknown quantity, which we face prior to the first day of any recording session. Yes, we had an adequate team in place, and by all visible measures we were prepared to move forward and complete all that had been planned. Unknown to the InterComm Team was the deep concerns of the Bhutan Team and whether or not this was an InterComm Project or a Bhutan, Dzongkha Project. It takes time to build trust and relationships with a new group of people with whom you have never worked. Even when carefully laying down the groundwork in a 2-day Set-Up Session, there are always more questions unanswered than answered. Issues of trust were much greater for this Team than we could ever have known. Apparently, over the years, many mission-minded efforts have been initiated for the country of Bhutan. Although well-intended, they seldom, if ever, included Dzongkha leadership. The end result of most of these ventures was great dissatisfaction and minimal benefit. Translate that into wasted dollars and frustration for the embedded Bhutan leaders, who have always faced an uphill battle in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to their countrymen.


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65% Hindu - 31% Muslim and Growing





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Sharing Christ to North India's

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History, People, & Religion

During medieval times, Assam was ruled by 2 dynasties, the Koch and the Ahom. Koch was of the Tibeto-Burmese origin, and Ahom was Tai, ruling the north of Assam. India has faced many invasions, but Assam was never ruled by any western power until the British came in the 1800's. In 1826 it was taken over by the East India Company after the first Anglo-Burmese War. 5 years later it was annexed by the British. With the partition of India in 1947, Assam became a State of India with part of its territory given up to what we now call Bangladesh.


In 1970 the government of India changed the Assam borders to satisfy national aspirations of tribal populations. Since that time, there has been tension among groups along ethnic lines. These groups want a Assamese homeland separate from India.


There are approximately 32 million people in the State of Assam. After two centuries of Christian work, professing Christians are still small in number and a disrespected minority. Most evangelism work takes place among tribal people with little intent to reach Hindus (65%) and Muslims (31% and growing from neighboring Bangladesh).


Assam provides 25% of the countries petroleum, but the economic growth rate has not kept up with India overall. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people with 69% of the population working in this industry. The major product is Assam tea, which is well known all over Asia. Tourism is also a large part of the economy with many National Parks, Lakes, Mountains, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Crafts, and Monuments.



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