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The World Responds

Video Projectors and DVD Players are the #1 item on virtually every Media Evangelist's List with whom we communicate around the world. We are finding it exciting as we move into this new direction from the Lord, wherein we hope to equip as many AVangelists around the world, as we can qualify, with the quality of equipment they have been lacking for many years. It is very likely that a harvest unlike any we have seen in years past will take place in the years ahead through this gifting to God's worthy servants around the world. You who support InterComm and pray for InterComm are making it happen.

Pursuing the new vision has not been without opposition from our enemy. Printers have died, email programs stopped working, and correspondence all over the world was lost. Yet, we have trusted in the lord to resolve these issues, and we are moving forward.

To date, we have accumulated 142 Evangelists names in 43 countries, and we're a long way from getting through all of our files.

The first step is to qualify as many as we possibly can that might benefit from this equipment. We do this by evaluating each file and the record of relationship we've had with that individual. Once this process is completed, we will begin to prioritizing country by country and individual by individual.

As we have been writing to such people around the world, the responses have been most heart-warming and a great blessing and encouragement. We wanted to take an opportunity to share a few of these with you for your blessing and as an encouragement for further prayer.


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Following the unexpected cancellation of the June 2016 Assam North India Recording Project

(See article, to left, titled ASSAM CANCELLED)





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InterComm will be evaluating long-term relationships with AVangelists from around the globe. As the forms of viewing Media moved from 16mm to VCR's and televisions, DVD's are now the most common form of Media in use. From our humble beginnings in 1991, InterComm began providing access to our drama film productions however possible. Thousands of "Individuals / Ministries" have benefitted in a wide scope of helps available over the years.


As we remain in regular correspondence and equip such leaders, the most common theme emerges. "If I just had my own Video Projector and DVD Player." InterComm's financial resources have typically been applied as per Board specification to making available those productions which we had previously developed through the Ken Anderson Films years.


Almost immediately, we began evaluating how we could impact more language groups through Lip Sync Dubbing Projects. We picked as often as possible the country with the largest spoken language and God has blessed us with over 20 such Projects around the world. The finished works are always distributed as widely as possible for the greatest impact.




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