5 Ways the Gaming Industry Moves Towards Accessibility

  • Providing Alternate Control Options for physical and cognitive impairments
  • Specialized physical controllers like the Xbox Adaptive Controller
  • In-Game Accessibility features for those with visual, auditory, and reading difficulties
  • Supportive Communities give disabled gamers a safe space to discuss their gaming experience
  • Esports creates a platform for recognizing disabled gamers’ skills and talents.

In the gaming industry, accessibility for everyone is becoming a top priority for you as a developer. This means creating games that are accessible to people with disabilities, whether it’s physical or cognitive, as well as creating gaming environments that are welcoming and inclusive. You’ll notice this trend gain even more traction due to the rise of esports and streaming platforms like Twitch. Take a look at five ways the gaming industry is making its products more accessible to all gamers so that you can be part of this trend.

1. Providing Alternate Control Options

The design of the controller plays a vital role in how accessible a game can be for people with disabilities. Developers now provide alternate control options such as voice commands, eye-tracking technology, or custom controllers that can accommodate various physical impairments. For example, many gamers with limited mobility use modified controllers with extra buttons or switches that allow them to play games they otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy as a member of the disabled community.

Specialized physical controllers

For instance, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed for gamers who cannot use a traditional controller due to physical impairments. This controller has 19 configurable inputs and allows players to connect various external devices, such as joysticks, switches, and buttons, for easier accessibility.

Eye tracking controllers

Similarly, the SpecialEffect EyeGaze controller is a switch-free tool that allows you to play games using only your eyes. This controller has enabled gamers with severe mobility impairments to experience gaming in an entirely new way.

2. In-Game Accessibility Features

asian man playing video games in dark room at night

Other features being implemented by game developers are in-game accessibility features such as colorblindness settings, text-to-speech options for those who have difficulty reading, and audio cues for those who have difficulty seeing on screen elements. These features make the gaming experience easier and more enjoyable for players of all abilities.

The deaf and hard-of-hearing community is often left out when it comes to gaming, as they rely on subtitles or visual cues that can be difficult to come by in some games. Developers are now creating more reliable software for the deaf and hard of hearing, which can provide gamers with real-time subtitles during game streams and live broadcasts. This allows the deaf and hard-of-hearing community to understand better what’s happening on screen.

3. Releasing accessible tutorials

The gaming industry is also embracing accessibility by releasing accessible tutorials. Tutorials are essential for any new game, and many companies strive to make these tutorials more user-friendly for gamers with disabilities. Developers create tutorials in multiple formats, such as text, audio, or video, to ensure that everyone understands the game instructions.


For example, Microsoft has released an Accessibility Learning Portal for Xbox users, which provides step-by-step instructions on adjusting settings to suit the needs of gamers with different accessibility requirements.


Ubisoft has also released tutorials on its website to help players understand how to adjust settings and controls for those that are hard of hearing or visually impaired. These tutorials provide detailed explanations on how to play the game using adapted controller inputs, as well as providing audio cues and subtitles designed specifically for deaf and hard of hearing gamers.

4. Creating Supportive Communities

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Many gaming platforms, including Twitch, Steam, and Xbox Live, have their own dedicated communities for gamers with disabilities. These communities often provide a safe space to discuss game experiences, share tips on playing games with assistive technology, and even host weekly meet-ups or tournaments for disabled gamers. This is an excellent way for developers to connect with their disabled fanbase and get feedback on how they can make their games more accessible.

Communities like these create an environment where disabled players feel included in the larger gaming community and give them the confidence to enjoy their favorite hobbies without feeling excluded or judged. Developers should strive to foster these inclusive environments to ensure everyone has access to the same gaming opportunities regardless of any physical or cognitive impairments.

5. Esports

Finally, esports has been vital in the growth of accessibility in the gaming world. By providing an avenue for people with disabilities to compete at the same level as able-bodied athletes, esports serves as a platform for recognition of their skills and talents. Disabled gamers are now competing alongside non-disabled gamers on the world stage, proving that disabilities don’t define what you are capable of.

Final Words

The gaming industry is committed to providing accessibility for everyone, regardless of any physical or cognitive impairments. From alternate control options to specialized physical controllers and in-game accessibility features, developers are doing more than ever before to ensure that all gamers can enjoy their favorite games. In addition, supportive communities create an environment where disabled players feel included in the larger gaming community, and esports provides a platform for recognition of their skills and talents. Accessibility in gaming is no longer just an idea — it’s becoming the norm. So make sure you are part of this trajectory and help make the future of gaming brighter for everyone!

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