Enhancing Visitor Experience with Audible Format Signage: A Step Towards Inclusive Navigation


In an era where customer experience is king, businesses continually seek innovative ways to accommodate and delight their patrons. One such groundbreaking innovation is Audible Format Signage. This tool goes beyond traditional signage systems to ensure an inclusive and enriched visitor experience. This article will delve into the integral role of Audible Format Signage in revolutionizing visitor experiences across various sectors.

RightHear is the most widely adopted global provider of audio format signage technology, with the company’s stated vision of making the world more accessible for people who are blind or have low vision. Businesses and organizations can turn their buildings and locations into more accessible environments for all of society, ensuring greater independence and equality for all. Other companies also active in this space include BeMyEyes and WayMap, which focuses on transport sectors.

The Importance of Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience forms the backbone of any business. No matter what kind of business you run, you will have different visitors. If you run a company, you are bound to get visitors such as clients, customers, interview candidates, vendors, mechanics, technicians, etc. If you run a hotel, you will have visitors in the form of guests who come to stay at your hotel. If you are running a restaurant, your visitors will mainly consist of customers who come to eat at your restaurant. A museum will see visitors who are interested in history and culture.

Significance and impact of visitor experience

When you have visitors visiting your business, you need to make sure to provide them with a great visiting experience. Visitor experience is based on how visitors take your business and what is your business’ impression on your visitors. A great visitor experience strengthens the relationship between your business and your visitors, which may include your customers, clients, etc.

When visitors have a great experience when they visit your business, they will go on to tell people in their professional and social networks about it. It will help in building a good reputation for your business. It can also help you get more clients and customers in the future.

Audible Format Signage: A new era of visitor experience

The introduction of Audible Format Signage has helped businesses greatly to improve their visitor experience. When we visit a new place, we instinctively look for signage to find our way around. These signages are a great way by which you cannot just improve visitor experience but can also provide visitors with a fun experience to explore the place on their own. But your business may also have disabled visitors, for example, blind people with poor vision or illiterate people who have difficulty reading the signage.

How it works?

You can use audible format signage for such visitors to improve their visitor experience. Since they cannot read the signage, they will have difficulty moving around freely. An audible signage system will help these people to move around without seeking help from others, and it can help to enhance their confidence.

You can install audio speakers that tell the directions to your visitors. But it will cause noise pollution, and it may be unbearable for those visitors who can read the signage just fine. In that case, you can get an app that people with disabilities can use on their phones. Your business can partner up with RightHear to set up audible format signage. This audible signage will help your disabled visitors navigate the location through voice navigation.

Case Studies: Audible Format Signage in Action

Industries like transport have effectively utilized Audible Format Signage to improve the experience of blind people. In many countries, the authorities have improved their transport system to facilitate blind and illiterate people. The bus stops, and metro stations have enabled audio systems that tell the passengers when the bus or train will arrive. It will also announce the arrival of the bus or train so that people with sight disabilities have no problem. In metro trains, sound systems also tell the passenger at which side the door will open so blind passengers can easily find their way out.

Prospects: Evolving Visitor Experience with Audible Format Signage

Looking towards the future, the potential for Audible Format Signage to improve visitor experience is undeniable. This system aims to improve the visitor experience for disabled people who are either blind or have poor eyesight or people who cannot read. These people may rely on others when they visit different places to find their way around. Or they would simply stay at home because they find it difficult to move around to different places.

An audible signage system helps such people find the courage to leave their homes and visit different places. They can visit places they want and move around without relying on anyone. When the visitor experience is improved, it will positively impact the relationship of your business with your visitors.

There are not many businesses right now that are using audible format signage. However, as businesses become aware of the importance of this system in improving their visitor experience, they will incorporate this system into their businesses. When this system is implemented in every business, people with sight disabilities who would not have the freedom to move around on their own will be able to walk around freely. It will help to get more visitors in the form of clients, customers, vendors, etc.

Healthcare and medical facilities

Healthcare and medical facilities can also use this system to improve their visitor experience, especially for visually impaired persons. Hospitals and medical facilities can use this system to tell visitors about their turn and where they need to go. This system can be used to navigate the way for such people.

Banking and financial services

Banks and financial services can also use this system to facilitate visually impaired visitors. Banks and financial services usually have long lines, so they can use this audible system to tell blind persons about their turn and navigate their way to their respective counters.

Hospitality industry

The hospitality industry, such as hotels, restaurants, etc., can also use audible signage to help customers with low vision or blind and illiterate persons. This system can allow such people to easily find their table, know the menu, and order in restaurants. Hotels can use this system to help their visually impaired guests easily find their rooms and visit different hotel amenities.

It will not only make the customers happy, but increase the footfall at hotels and restaurants. Moreover, they will receive appreciation for considering people with special needs. Eventually, helping them to sustain in market for a longer time.


Visitor experience is important for businesses to improve their relationship with their visitors, such as clients, customers, vendors, or any other person who visits the business for whatever reason. Audible format signage system allows visitors with visual disabilities to move around the site freely and ultimately helps businesses improve their visitor experience. Audible Format Signage stands at the intersection of technology and inclusivity, transforming visitor experiences by making them more accessible and engaging. As it continues to evolve, its potential to further revolutionize visitor experiences is limitless, marking an exciting future for businesses and their patrons alike.

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