Everything You Need To Know About One Switch: The Ultimate Mac Utility


macOS is a leading operating system that offers its users tons of features that allow a smooth experience. However, managing the features as per your requirements and switching between them can be a time-consuming task. This is where One Switch comes in. The helpful utility lets you control various macOS features with a click. With the help of One Switch, users can conveniently replace numerous applications and settings. It is an excellent Mac-exclusive utility that allows users to access multiple necessary key switchers. In this article, we will take a closer look at what One Switch is, what features the app offers, and what lies ahead for it. Let us begin.

What is One Switch?

According to Cult of Mac, One Switch is one of the most handy Mac-based apps for users. It is a time-saver application that allows users to access quick toggles for performing numerous activities that otherwise would have required a longer time, i.e., switching between light and dark modes or connecting/disconnecting AirPods. To further increase the convenience quotient, the app shows customized toggles on your Mac’s menu bar. Furthermore, the app removes the ones you do not use frequently.

One Switch Features:

Declutter Your Mac’s Desktop

One Switch offers users the option to quickly hide and show icons on the desktop whenever needed. For example, if you have a meeting where you have to share your screen, you can use the app’s toggle to hide specific icons instantly. With just one click, all the clutter present on your desktop gets away, and you get a cleaner and minimalistic desktop. This valuable feature of the app significantly helps users who like keeping their desktop super tidy at all times.

Increase Your Interface’s Appeal

The application sits quietly in your Mac’s menu bar without distracting you from your tasks. Explicitly designed for macOS versions 10.14 and later, the application looks absolutely amazing in both the in-built modes (Light and Dark). Using the toggle, you can conveniently switch between both modes as per your choice. For instance, if you wish to have a bright interface, you can use the application’s toggle to switch to Light mode. However, if you prefer a darker and quieter interface, you can use the toggle to turn on Dark mode. You can also set the application to change modes from day tonight automatically.

Take Control of Your Mac’s Activities

Whether you want to put your Mac to sleep, our set up automatic wake and sleep schedules, One Switch has got all the corners covered. Using the app’s toggles, you can conveniently put your Mac to sleep. This feature allows you to preserve your Mac’s battery life. In addition, the “Screen saver” switch feature of One Switch provides users the option to turn on the Mac manually whenever required.

Connect Your AirPods Conveniently

Pairing a new set of AirPods and setting it up for use on your Mac involves numerous steps. Using One Switch lets users avoid the lengthy native process and get the job done in just one step. Instead of navigating to the “Preferences” bar, users can simply tap on the AirPods icon present in the menu bar. Doing so will give One Switch a heads-up to connect to the device instantly. Why waste time when you can simplify connecting your AirPods to your Mac?

Customize Toggles As Per Your Needs

As of now, One Switch offers to show seven toggles at once. The company is working on adding more to the roster soon. The best part is – you can choose which toggles you want to appear on your menu bar. By going to “Preferences” present in the drop-down menu, you can disable the ones you do not require.

Stay Focused by Avoiding Distractions

While working, it is crucial to ensure that there are no distractions waiting to spoil your flow and interrupt your process. By scheduling work hours using One Switch, you can ensure that you get all the peace and quiet to work with complete focus. The powerful Mac utility also offers a “Do Not Disturb” mode. You can switch on the mode manually or by scheduling it beforehand. Once the mode is turned on, you will not receive any notifications on your Mac’s screen.

Future of One Switch

Fans of the One Switch app can look at what’s in store for them in the future by visiting the official website. The virtual map shows all the upcoming features. Moreover, users can also visit the app’s official subreddit page to enquire about updates.

One Switch is a paid application with a free trial period of seven days. You should consider this application if you wish to regulate your workflows and require a utility that provides you quick access to critical native features of macOS.

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