High-Tech Home Appliances You Can Experiment With


From the moment we open our eyes, people depend on technology to do tasks for us. Whether it’s smarter HVAC systems, robotic floor cleaners, or automated water detection leak systems — these modern appliances do plenty of work and help keep your home in its best shape.

If you’re on the search for appliances worth the investment, here are some of the best techie appliances you should consider.

Smart Heaters

Smart heaters allow users to remotely control the temperatures in different rooms at various times without the need to switch the boiler on or off. These are great investments to make if your home’s HVAC system isn’t doing a good enough job of keeping up with the bitter chill of winter. Regardless of your heating issues, investing in smart garage heaters is ideal, providing you with a portable, safe, and efficient home heater that gives the extra warmth you need.

Self-Learning Thermostat

Although your heating system provides enough warmth to your space and often serves as the primary source of it, like with other appliances, it’s bound to experience fluctuations. So, to ensure your heating systems keep performing optimally in any weather investing in a smart and self-learning thermostat is ideal. It gives you the convenience of controlling thermostats from anywhere as long as you have an internet-enabled device on hand.

Robotic Floor Cleaners

In today’s digital age, no modern home is complete without a robotic floor cleaner. These tiny devices can help make your household’s floors dust-free and shiny 24/7 — and all you need to do is change its batteries periodically and turn them on.

Plug-in Odor ‘Eaters’

Plug-in odor eaters are not a new concept, but modern versions such as ones from GermGuardian leverages the power of UV-C light technology, efficiently eliminating airborne germs and reducing the ability of fungi, bacteria, and viruses to develop throughout your home. It’s a handy home appliance to try. All you need to do is place it into any area of concern in your home and leave it to do the dirty work.

Smart Slow Cookers


Although traditional slow cookers already provide everyone with a more convenient way of preparing fresh meals, their ‘smarter’ versions give you more control. Modern crock-pots can be integrated with any Alexa-enabled devices you have, allowing you to control them via voice. All you need to do is add in your ingredients, give it instructions, and dinner will be ready with little effort.

Indoor Smart Herb Garden

If you can use your favorite coffee machines, you can definitely grow kitchen herbs inside your home with modern planters — no matter your experience with plants. These tiny devices allow you to grow fresh herbs with minimal effort. All you need to do is fill its seed cartridges with your preferred plants and fill the water reservoir — and the smart planter will take care of the rest. If you love cooking, this small home appliance is worth checking out.

Water Leak Detection System

Expensive repairs and headaches tend to follow in the wake of water whenever it accumulates under your bathroom or kitchen sinks, behind walls, or anywhere else they’re not supposed to be. Water damage can be extremely detrimental to homes, leading to expensive and sometimes irreversible damage. Because of these issues, one of the best smart home appliances that are worth experimenting with is automatic water leak detection systems or leak alarms. Make sure to place these devices near at-risk areas, such as bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Leak alarms have different features, depending on the manufacturer, but most will send you text messages or emails alerting you of any water leaks.

Just like you’d upgrade your phones to the latest versions periodically, it also makes sense to take advantage of all the innovative upgrades that are now available for homes — and those mentioned are some of the best ones you should explore.

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