Apps for People Who Love Being Alone


Are there apps that are specific to a person’s character? Whatever our predilections are, we access many common online platforms. And our behaviors online may not be the same as how we are in person.

We declare ourselves as introverts or extroverts, but these classifications might not be black or white. Most of us are a little of both. Although some blogs list applications best for introverts or extroverts, it’s impossible to say that one app is exclusively for introverts or extroverts. Lists like these are often populated by platforms that everyone can enjoy.

For example, some lists recommend networking apps to introverts that can easily sync contacts in email, mobile phone, and social media. But these apps might very well be of use to people who love socializing too. Those who prefer to keep to themselves might not want to keep in touch with so many people and would rather delineate personal contacts from work contacts.

Home automation apps, recommended for introverts who are likely to live by themselves, are also for everyone who loves a smart home. Although it is convenient for solitary people to oversee their home, automation is also great for families who have busy schedules or are always traveling.

But there are apps that, while accessed by anyone, are special to the lives of introverts. This list is based on hobbies that people who prefer to be alone will most likely have.


Without a doubt, YouTube has anything for everyone. But the reason why it’s number one on this list is its DIY vlogs. When people don’t want to ask other persons to help them out with something, they can turn to YouTube. It has loads of tutorials and instruction videos.

YouTube also has full movies, animated stories, music videos, and informative channels. So it’s a reliable go-to for Introverts. They can learn the piano or guitar without a tutor’s uncomfortable presence or having to go through recitals.

NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines

It’s not saying that only Introverts are fond of reading. But many Introverts love to read during their alone time. And the extremes would rather be in the company of fictional characters than real persons who are either too complicated or too boring compared to their novel counterparts. NOOK is the top-rated application for reading books. It’s connected to Barnes & Nobles’ shelves, so readers will have so many categories and themes to choose from. The app is available for both Android and iOS.


When you can’t avoid having to immerse in the world, be it while commuting to work or getting your groceries, music is the best way to drown out the noise. You can get Spotify for free, but listening will be occasionally interrupted by ads. A monthly subscription is not expensive and allows subscribers to create and download playlists that can be accessed even when you go on your regular off-the-grid moments.


It’s an online pinboard. Unlike Instagram, which is full of influencers and often flooded with advertisements, Pinterest is more about promoting ideas and inspirations. Members can create different boards depending on their interests and also upload photo collections for future reference. Unlike uploading photos on Facebook and Instagram, where the motivation is to have friends and acquaintances react to them, Pinterest is more like a curated repository of image references.


amazon app

Well, it has become popular for everyone during the lockdowns. But online shopping has been a lot more convenient for persons who want to minimize interaction with other people as much as possible. With Amazon, you don’t have to speak to anyone except for the delivery guy if you happen to be at home when your package is delivered. Even then, there are options for packages to be dropped off on your doorstep or front yard.


This is probably the only app that’s been designed specifically for introverts. It has emoticons that people who don’t like socializing too much can express their emotions better online. These are reactions that can help other more extroverted people understand that not wanting to hang out all the time doesn’t mean a person never wants to hang out. An emoticon that can say, ‘I’m sorry. I want to be alone and enjoy music right now. Don’t worry, I’m ok,’ helps introverts whose need for time alone is often mistaken as depression.

Other than these, there are more apps helpful to people who get their energy from time alone. Anything that limits social interaction, especially when they are mundane tasks, is a good app. These include those for online payments, banking, and other necessary services.

Introverts still use socializing apps like Facebook and Instagram, although not as often or not how extroverts use them. After all, anyone, even the most reclusive, will need some level of socializing.

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