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Selling products and services via the Internet is crucial, especially nowadays, in the era of quarantine. In order to succeed in the oceans of similar companies, it is necessary to register on social media. This will secure fast and quality interaction with your audience and potential clients.

Virtual numbers are more comfortable in usage than regular SIMs. They look to the platforms like real SIMs and there are no problems during registration or further usage.

There are plenty of virtual directory providers. Some of them are free, the other ones are paid. However, it is important to know which countries the provider offers. To be more precise, almost all accommodations have numbers from the US and Great Britain, but not all of them offer Norway numbers.

Norway Communication Authority has stated certain rules which you have to fulfill while using Norway directories. You should remember the restriction time, the client’s consent to receive messages, and message content.

Where to Find Norway Numbs?

The more countries the provider works with the better. OnlineSIM owns more than 10000 virtual SIMs from more than 30 countries around the globe and Norway is among them.

If you need a number for the Norway district, be assured you will find it at OnlineSIM. Norway numbs start from “+47…”.  It has a high-security level, so there is nothing to worry about. You can try this service for free before buying numbers to be sure of their quality.

There are different tariffs and the prices are quite loyal. You can buy Norway numbers for rent or one-time Norway numbers. Client support is available around the clock to friendly solve any possible issues.

Other Services That Provide Virtual Norway Numbs

There also are other virtual Norway directories providers.

SMS Gateway Norway

This service can be tried for free as well. The messages are delivered either within 10 or within 100 seconds. You can choose from a weekly-based and monthly-based price or a fixed tariff.


Telerivet has global coverage. You can receive messages to Norway numbs with it. You will be able to receive your messages right in your brother. It is possible to view conversation history. You can receive messages in high volumes.

Even though the choice of Norway directories among the providers is not that great as for the US or a virtual China number, you still can find reputable services.

To Sum Up

It may be not an easy task to find a provider with Norway directories for receiving messages. However, if you turn to OnlineSIM, Telerivet, or SMS Gateway Norway, the issue will be solved.

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