Expanding Beyond Instagram: What Your Brand Should Do


First, you traveled to an amazing and beautiful place. Then, you posted on Instagram about the breathtaking scenery of that place. The next thing you know, you are advertising a product or service to the thousands of followers you have amassed while doing something you love. Starting on Instagram is noble—and may seem effortless—but Instagram is not where you should stay if you already have a business to take care of and grow. Here are some ways to improve your young brand and build a better future:

Create a Website

The “link in bio” era might be ending because of Instagram’s new shoppable feature, but this does not mean that you should just survive inside one platform. Chescoweb.com knows that there is a bigger world out there, and the simple task of web design and development can introduce you to more people in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This task might not be that simple if you do it on your own. You can always hire a web design and development company to do the job for you. Think of it this way: You are reaching people on Instagram. However, to those outside the app, you are a nobody until you have a website that they can visit to check on your products and services.

Start Tweeting

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Instagram is a visual platform, which means that you get to showcase your best—and most aesthetic—foot forward. However, customers want brands that seem more real and human. That is where Twitter, home to almost 340 million monthly active users, comes in. It is a platform where you can be fun and quirky and inject humor into your interaction with customers, provided it goes with your branding. It is free to set up a Twitter account. You can link your Instagram and website to your Twitter account, which centralizes everything. Consider this a place for your daily or hourly updates that are not significant enough to warrant an Instagram post. The trick is to make people curious about your brand by posting witty yet limited words. Your brevity as a marketer and business owner comes into play when advertising on Twitter.

Advertise on Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are now more integrated than ever. Being active on one while ignoring the other just does not work in your favor. The good thing is that you can post on Instagram and Facebook at the same time. Just link the two accounts, and you are good to go. It is also free to set up a Facebook account, which gives you the basic functionalities. To reach a bigger audience, get into paid advertising. Facebook also allows you to choose the community that suits your brand most, and they give you a place to include your website. You can reach much more people on Facebook than on the other two social media platforms, so take advantage of it. Create a Facebook page for your brand and, together with your website, start advertising your products and services there.

You are already popular on Instagram, but why stop there? Expand to neighboring social media platforms to give your brand the best fighting chance.

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