6 Common SEO Problems and How to Solve Them


The Internet market is competitive. Every business wants to establish its online presence by creating reliable websites. However, you need more than hosting a website if you want to stay at the top of search engines. You need to come up with solutions to problems facing search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that your site is relevant and that it attracts traffic. You can work with an SEO expert in Virginia to help you understand SEO problems and solutions.

High bounce rate

Bounce rate is the time when a website user takes to return to the search results from your website. Your browser gives you several outcomes based on the keyword or the question on a browser. Bounce rate gets reduced after finding the website that has the most relevant information. Businesses should find ways of reducing bounce rate on their sites or using software to track bounce rate.

Mobile unfriendliness

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Most website users prefer the mobile version rather than the desktop version. Studies reveal an estimate of 53 percent of Internet users use mobile gadgets to browse the web. It might be costly for your business to transform its website to fit mobile users, but the investment is worthy. Make sure that you hire a web designer for the task. You need to work with an SEO expert to help you convert your business website to a mobile-friendly site.

Duplicate websites on your site

One of the most irritating things for web users is having the adverts or pop-up websites frequently appearing on the website. They reduce the connectivity to the site. Also, some businesses structure several links on a single web page when the website becomes more extensive than before. Make sure that you use reliable tags for the URL design for the success of SEO.

Slow site speed

Site speed is a common SEO problem that companies have to deal with often. Search engines use website speed as an important factor to determine ranking on search results. Obviously, slow site speed results in bad user experiences. Companies ought to hire an SEO expert to design websites that offer excellent user experience for users and encourage traffic flow.

Keyword cannibalization

The problem of keyword cannibalism is probably the most common issue for several websites. Several companies suffer from the problem, which costs them potential customers. Your business should not have several pages on their website competing for specific keywords. SEO experts will help you use the right keyword tracking tools to find cannibalism and fix it.

The information architecture of the site

Internet users are searching for the right information online. Therefore, you must keep your website updated with relevant information if you want to attract traffic. Make sure that the directory limit does not exceed three.

Websites should attract traffic and maintain an excellent rating. The SEO problems discussed above are acting as a roadblock to having an efficient website. Take note of the tips to solve the problems and increase your site rating to attract traffic to your website.

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