Cool Gadgets That Can Make Your Event More Memorable


Events are the pinnacle of brand launches, marketing, and expanding audiences. If you have a good event, you can bank on people posting about in their social media accounts, buzz growing around your brand, and being able to secure some partnerships you’ve been eyeing. That said, today’s age is populated with tons of events on any given day. Even with the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, you still see events popping up everywhere, either virtually or using strict social distancing measures.

In today’s age of aesthetics and digital dominance, it’s important to know which materials can work most in your favor to have a highlight event. Here are some you should consider:

  • Foil stampers for invites and collaterals

Hot foil stamping machinery has come a long way since its first introduction to the market, and this can be a great way to make your event stand out before it even launches. Aside from sending out e-vites, it adds a touch of credibility and even premium allure if you can also send out physical invites to select guests (if not all of them). It can make your invite more than just some generic thing to read and throw aside just like that. Your invite’s look is just as important as the content, as a succinct and nicely-worded invitation would still be ignored if it was just on a flimsy paper with little design put into it.

You can make this even better by using the same technology on your collaterals. Think brochures, giveaways, and the like since there are tons of textures you can play around with here.

  • VR interactive booth

Technology is steadily throttling forward, so why not make your event even more engaging by leaning into the future? Statistics have shown that in 2019, almost 43 million people in the United States alone used virtual reality at least once a month. This figure continues to grow as interest increases in the general market beyond collectors and gamers. Because of its entertainment value and increasing capabilities, now is the best time to hop on that train and use its relative novelty to make your event more interesting to attendees.

You can implement this by providing a simulated tour related to the brand experience you want to serve or even get a mini-game to provide some side entertainment with some branded peripherals to tide you by.

  • Digital log-in kiosks

People don’t have a love for forms, and even if it’s just a short thing that you need them to do for your event headcount and registration, it can cause a lot of ire from their sentiment if it takes too long and takes too much effort. Digital log-in kiosks can solve that issue and even elevate the feel of your event. You can have tablets where they sign in traditionally (just without the need for pen and paper), or you can even make it easier by using QR code technology as long they’ve got badges or phones that you’ve synced up. This will take some strategic planning from your events team and hired IT provider, but the results are quite impressive.

  • Stream broadcaster


It’s all about the live stream these days. People who aren’t able to physically be there (or perhaps attended but wanted to pop out for some air) still want to be able to watch everything. This increases your audience and appeal, so it’s a good idea to have a broadcaster streaming the event the whole time. This option is even more interesting to consider now that most events during coronavirus have to rely on audiences or attendees not actually being in the same space as the event itself.

You can use a phone, but a better device may be in order if you want reliability. Either way, you can get a lot of viewers if your event is interesting and well-filmed, and statistics show that at least 30% of event livestream viewers end up attending physically the next time the event is held.

  • Programmable LED lights

Lighting is impactful in any space, whether you are decorating a house, showing off a new office, or holding an event. And if events and concerts of yore have taught us anything, it’s that a great light display can stun an audience and make your event one to remember (in a good way). Hook up some programmable lights in your booths and help each section stand out and feel future-forward without losing class. The beauty of going programmable is that you can switch out the colors as you please, depending on the booth’s vibe or the section of the program you’re at. This way, you can create a really cool ambiance without clashing with the bigger lights that your tech team will be manning to highlight the stage and the main floor.

Try these out and see how much better your event will be for it.

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