Black Friday/Cyber Monday Facebook Hacks To Boost Your Sales


You’ve load tested your site to ensure that it won’t be affected by traffic surge, implemented a few tweaks to enhance responsiveness across various devices, and are ready to score more business, but are your Facebook ads tailored to facilitate such business inflow?  Every marketer understands that this is a period they can score valuable business and end the year with a huge revenue flow, but edging the competition isn’t that easy. You’ll be swimming with the sharks, but the traffic is enough to score more business if you employ creative hacks.  Here are a few Facebook ad campaigns pointers to help up your BFCM game.

Don’t wait till the last minute

It is tempting to wait till the last day to revamp your page, but warming up the audience and priming them for the taking a few weeks to the big day is advisable. Improve your Facebook following and activities by actively engaging your audience. Revise your cover photo, bios, pin the best deals announcement, and ensure that there’s a direct link to your BFCM deals on the bio. This will give the target audience something to remain glued on your page, and once you start rolling out the ads, capture significant attention that tips them in your favor.  Building such traction improves your ads’ performance since there’s no magic to increase your page’s traffic during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Appeal to the sense of urgency

There’s a natural sense of urgency during the period, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t amplify it in your ads. Creative inclusion of scarcity-related words throughout your Facebook ads can further your reach and score more business. Limited-time offer, limited stock, instant saving, today only, among other words, can help you to up the ads’ performance. As you go all out, make it moderate; the last thing you want is to sound spammy as that can work against you.

Be helpful

While focusing on winning more business, you might forget the most valuable tool, making your customers’ experience a breeze. One hack that can up your Facebook ads is offering helpful content, such as gift finder. Including tags such as #giftformom/dad, #giftsforhim, #giftsforher works a lot better. This way, their overwhelming task of finding that perfect gift is alleviated, and you can easily win them over and score more business. Consumers are growing smarter every day, meaning that if you continue to sound salesy, your Facebook ads might not deliver valuable results.



While priming your audience heading to Black Friday/Cyber Monday, collect as much data as possible to help you retarget such leads before they grow cold. Shoppers’ attention span is short at this period as they hop from one site to the next comparing deals. From their previous engagement with your site, you can tailor personalized Facebook display ads to lure them back. Just because they bounced off your page doesn’t mean they are lost; with creative retargeting, you can win their business and improve your BFCM performance.

As you strive to up your BFCM performance, don’t forget to include social proof in your campaigns. User-generated content improves your business’ credibility, and incorporating it in your Facebook ads campaigns can dramatically improve the results. It goes without saying that you should ensure that your campaigns and store are mobile-ready, noting that more users favor mobile devices over the PC.

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