The Importance of Web Content Archiving in the Healthcare Industry


Today, many industries are embracing digitization to improve the efficiency of core business processes. Especially for companies dealing with big data, including a capture page software in their IT infrastructure will make it easier to store and access information.

Organizations in the healthcare industry involved in selling pharmaceutical products and medical devices and equipment follow certain guidelines when it comes to publishing content on their website. Sellers are encouraged to be more careful about what they include in their online promotional content. As much as possible the product’s benefits, the intended use, and relevant risk information are indicated in their advertisements.

Here are some of the benefits healthcare companies can expect from archiving web content.

Compliance Preparedness

Agencies such as the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) and Federal Food, Drug and, Cosmetic (FD & C) are reviewing website and social media content of healthcare institutions to check if they follow standards on advertisements and labeling information. Data archiving will enable healthcare companies to store historical information and access them immediately when regulating institutions conduct data inspection.

Response Time

Web content archiving allows healthcare companies to access data quickly when needed. This is beneficial in cases where compliance violations are identified. Healthcare companies will be able to search for the information they need and then evaluate and fix them accordingly to avoid penalties and fines.

Litigation Risks

Medicine, nutritional products and medical devices are heavily promoted online. It is important that sellers publish truthful and non-misleading content in their promotional content. Web archiving is essential, as regulations still apply even after products are sold or even when the product is no longer published on the seller’s website. Archiving social media messages and private messages in various digital platforms will also help in cases of litigation.

Disaster Recovery

Proper archiving will ensure that data is permanently stored and secured in a safe place. Disasters, whether natural or manmade, can happen anytime. Data archiving will protect valuable records in case a disaster, such as fire, earthquake, flood, or any other destructive event occurs.

Enhanced Security

IT personnel securing data backup

Web content can be susceptible to cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals may hack into a company’s website and alter, delete, or steal its contents. Having backup data will ensure that the company can restore the original information on its website.

Web archiving enables stored documents to be search- and review-ready. A good archiving software also has the following features:

  • Retention Management – Pages are automatically captured to ensure that the archives are complete and up-to-date.
  • Time-stamping – Archives are captured and time-stamped to maintain data authenticity.
  • Page Comparison – Pages on different dates can be viewed simultaneously to allow identification of changes.
  • Export and Download Options – Data are available for export in different formats, depending on need.
  • Access Limits – Authority to access archives are customizable to prevent unauthorized access and data revision.

Website archiving can be a challenging task but it is crucial for healthcare companies to have a website archiving solution in place to prepare them for compliance and litigation risks.

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