Sparta Science Gets Stronger as it Plays with More Pros


Sparta Science attracts more high-profile sports organization with injury prevention and rehabilitation software.

Start-up Sparta Science racks up high-profile partnerships in the professional sports world with its sports injury solutions. The sports health company currently works with Atlanta Falcons, Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Cavaliers in preventing and rehabilitating sports injuries.

Sparta Science’s Diagnostic Solutions

Sparta Science developed a force plate software that can predict and diagnose individual’s physical limitations. The software can also prescribe personalized plans to reduce predicted and diagnosed limitations.

To work, Sparta’s force plate measures an individual’s force production into the ground. The gathered data is then organized into individual profiles called movement signatures. These signatures identify injury risk, serving as a guiding tool in increasing performance. The technology can also be used to record and track regeneration programs such as sleep, nutrition, and flexibility for a holistic snapshot of each individual.

Military, sports, and medical organizations worldwide are utilizing Sparta’s software to reduce injury rates and optimize performance.

Garnering Millions of Dollars in Savings

With the help of Sparta Science, sports organizations are saving millions of dollars just by keeping players off the disabled list. The Colorado Rockies, in particular, saved $12.1 million from using Sparta Science’s force plate technology for their strength and conditioning program. In an interview for Inc, Coach Bauer shared how they initially had reservations upon hearing Sparta’s recommendation of stopping infielder Daniel Descalso from lifting weights. But the team followed Sparta’s recommendations anyway and saw Descalso’s slugging percentage jump by 100 points.

The University of Pennsylvania has had a taste of big savings from using Sparta, enjoying a $400,000 annual insurance premium drop for their athletic programs. They’ve also witnessed a 30% decrease in injury volume. From these results, Penn asked Sparta Science for a three-year exclusivity agreement.

Built from Years of Data

Sparta credits its success to its collection and analysis of data. To date, it has almost 560,000 scans of more than 16,000 people.

Sparta Science CEO Dr. Phil Wagner states that the hardware has been available for decades but what sets them apart is their ability to provide speed and accuracy of data. Through gathering hundreds of data from a wide range of ages, injuries as well as genders and ethnicities, Sparta Science provides data science that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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