The Most Practical Security Technologies You Need


One great achievement of technological advancements is crime prevention. From CCTVs to SVDSs, there were a lot of devices invented specifically to fight offenses. However, it seems like these devices were made with enterprises in mind only. The public cannot take an interest in them.

This was the case until the time came when technology became more accessible to ordinary people. Just look at how everyone’s carrying a smartphone now. This also brings us to an age when regular consumers can now purchase protective technologies.

With vast choices of security systems and devices, find out which ones are useful for you. Check out the list of protective security technologies you can use for your everyday lives.    

For Your House

Forbes stated that over one million burglaries happen in the U.S. yearly on average. That’s a number you should be worried about, especially if you’re one of the 75% U.S. homeowners who don’t have security systems at home. Good thing that it’s effortless to shop for security systems nowadays. Take advantage of home cameras that are reasonably priced. From doorbell cams to motion-activated indoor ones, there are a lot to choose from. Get a subscription to their services that come with 24/7 live monitoring of your property. Motion and sound sensor alarms are other security systems you can check out. Let these devices detect suspicious movements within your property. You can also integrate them into your smart home apps. Do this so you can get notified whenever there are movements that you need to know about to take action. There are a lot of home security systems you can choose from. Get the ones that you might need to protect your house and your family.

For Your Gadgets

Gadgets nowadays have locating tools that you can use in case you lose yours. Apple has the Find My, while Android has a Find My Device. Both use systems that can give you the last location where you may have left your gadgets. These tools receive pings that can give information about your gadgets’ battery levels too. Apple even has the ability to build networks around your missing device. This involves other Apple devices nearby to locate your missing gadget more precisely. Tools for locating your missing gadgets are very useful, too if your gadgets were stolen. They will give you the ability to activate “lost mode” and delete your device’s data remotely. Missing gadgets can now easily be found thanks to these new technologies.

For Your Vehicles

You’ll never know, but your car might get stolen any time of the day. All you can do is to protect your vehicles from theft by attaching trackers to them. There are a lot of trackers you can choose from whatever type of vehicle you have. There are GPS tracking solutions for your ATVs, SUVs, or motorcycles. Aside from that, this isn’t just for personal usage. You can also use the technology if you’re running car rentals. Know your vehicles’ whereabouts if you need to monitor them. Worry less about your cars’ protection by employing these security systems in them.

For Your Keys and Other Items

AirTags made buzz from the time they were just a rumor until they actually came out. But item trackers have been in the market for quite some time, even before AirTags. Tile, which is another player in the game, has been around for quite some time. Your choice of item trackers depends on the devices you’re using. AirTags works with Apple devices, while Tile is the best choice for Android. They both use Bluetooth technology. They also play loud sounds on demand so you can easily find your items if they’re buried somewhere. The good thing about these is that they can track your missing or stolen items that usually aren’t devices. These are useful for keys, wallets, luggage, or even motorcycles.

For Your Jewelry

In case you didn’t know, there are also tracking devices you can attach to your jewelry. These jewelry trackers use GPS and RFID technology. If the jewelry is stolen, the trackers can immediately send its location to you. This happens if they’re able to connect to a nearby internet. Jewelry retailers commonly use the security system. They use this to protect their stores from smash-and-grab robberies. But if you have a significant amount of jewelry in your possession, you can also use this security system.

Never miss the opportunity to prevent theft and robbery from happening. You can protect your belongings and property by simply maximizing the use of modern security systems.

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