Marketing The Marketer: How SEO Can Help Your Digital Marketing Agency


By its name and definition, Digital Marketing is the practice of advertising one’s products, services, and brand using digital technologies and other digital mediums. While traditional marketing may cover print media, radio and television, digital marketing focuses mainly on the internet nowadays through social media, blogging, pay per click advertising, and email notifications. As advances in technology have allowed almost every consumer to have a smartphone and internet connection, more companies have focused on digital marketing efforts, and hiring digital marketing agencies. However, how do you, the digital marketing agency, market yourself to attract clients?

How to Market the Marketer

As a digital marketing agency, you should have a strong online presence, as it is your playing field after all. But with the many other digital marketing agencies that you’re also competing with, how would you be able to stand out? Although there are many ways, such as proactively engaging potential clients, one way is to use Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has taken the world of digital marketing by storm as of late. SEO, in a way, is a method or off-shoot of digital marketing: while digital marketing’s aim is to attract and gain potential customers for the client, SEO focuses on making the client’s website easier to find by using methods that increase your brand/business’ website’s rank on search engine when customers search for specific services or products that you offer. In other words, digital marketing focuses on making your client’s brand, products, and services known to their target market, while SEO makes your client’s website known to search engines such as Google. Both go hand in hand.

Offer SEO Services to Clients

One way to attract potential clients for your marketing agency is to offer Search Engine Optimization services as part of your package. As more consumers have started using the internet and search engines to look up services and products, the need for SEO has increased as well. As such, more businesses and companies have employed SEO firms, but if your digital marketing agency offered SEO, it would be a huge advantage.

Learn SEO or Partner with an SEO Company

If your team isn’t skilled or trained in website optimization and other SEO practices, you should invest in training and SEO tools as soon as possible, as more and more digital marketing firms are doing the same thing. Alternatively, you can partner with White Label SEO companies that can do the SEO aspect for your client, while still using your digital marketing agency’s name. White Label SEO, as the name implies, don’t put their name or label on their SEO services, allowing you to deliver these services to your client under your name or brand. This alternative would be cheaper than training or hiring new employees that are skilled in SEO.

Use SEO to Attract Clients to Your Digital Marketing Agency’s Website

Lastly, you should use SEO for your digital marketing agency’s website. Nowadays, when people are hungry and want to check for restaurants, they don’t go to classified ads or check the yellow pages, they look it up online. As such, since SEO is effective at making a client’s website and brand easier to find when they search for products and services offered by the client, you should also use SEO for your agency so that potential clients can find you and your website easily when they look up digital marketing agencies.


Marketing your digital marketing agency can be difficult as there are hundreds of other digital marketing agencies out there for you to compete with. But with SEO, you can get a competitive edge. The bottom line is that you should offer and use SEO to attract potential clients.

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