How to Use UI Builder Efficiently


Keeping your business up to speed with the ever-evolving technology can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, today, even with little or no coding skills, you can up your efforts and provide your users with a fantastic experience. With no code UI builder, you can fast-track your projects, save costs, and enjoy a competitive edge. No code UI builder allows you to create GUI (graphical user interface) with simple drag and drop functions. You drop the graphical components, including date, buttons, and text fields, to mention a few, on a white screen. The components are configured, resized, and rearranged, providing you with the desired interface. It sounds easy, and there is much more you can do to enhance your efficiency. Here are three hacks to help you use UI builder more efficiently.


You don’t have to spend considerable time resizing and fitting an image, button, or label. You can make the size of your view fit the content in view within a few quick steps. Select any view, go to the editor, and select fit content. The size of your selected view will automatically be adapted to its content. This means the button or label’s size will be adapted to a size equivalent to the text in the content. The images will be set to the standard usage size. This is typically the image’s original size. The parent container view is also impacted, adapting it to the frames of the subviews. With such views, you’ll easily develop a striking and functional user interface within a short period, improving your efficiency when using UI builder.

The distance

Checking the distance helps you ensure there is a good scale. This is easily done by holding down the option key. Hold down the key and hover the cursor over the other views. This shows you the distance between the selected view and the edges of the others, allowing you to adjust accordingly with ease. A user interface that is on a good scale is not just striking. It enhances navigation ease and functionality, providing the users with a great experience.

Embed/unembed view

You’ve done the heavy lifting, but after locating the subviews, you feel that you need to move some around to have a certain parent view that’s more striking. That’s a good thing since you want an interface that exudes your unique brand’s image. However, just when you are getting there, they are all relocated to the center of the new view. That’s frustrating, but you don’t have to start from scratch. Simply go to the editor, then embed in view, and unembed. It is a quick fix that’ll save you more time and keep your project on track.

Using the UI builder like a pro may take some time. Nonetheless, once you get the hang of it, you’ll quickly manage the process. With the above hacks, you can supercharge your efforts, helping you efficiently use the bet UI builder to generate a user interface in line with brand image and your target audience’s taste.

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