How to Increase your iPhone’s Security against Cyber-Threats


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and the threat of cybercrime ever-present, we all need to take steps to protect our devices, including and especially, our phones. Nowadays it isn’t enough to keep your phone physically secure, it has to be kept digitally secure. While there are many ways to attack your phone and steal sensitive information on the device, there are many ways to protect yourself from malicious attackers.

Use USB Restricted Mode

USB restricted mode is a new feature that will prevent accessories from connecting to your device, such as USB cables and headphones, when your iPhone is locked for more than an hour. This may seem more like a pain, but it is actually quite beneficial. Using this setting, you can prevent hackers from getting beyond your lock screen and obtaining your passcode and data.

Update iOS

Many people dislike Apple’s updates because they can come with problems if your phone is old, but they also come with many new security features, including patches to prevent crashes and data theft. The iOS 12 updates your phone without locking you out of it, which saves you time when you need to be using your phone. Hackers can find flaws in the coding of the software that gives them access to personal information.

Come up With Stronger Passcodes and Passwords

While the current default setting on iPhone’s security passcode is six digits, you can actually make it any longer. According to the site MoneyPug, which is used to find the best mobile phone insurance, it is advised that, like all your passwords, you should make it unique and long. Beyond your passcode, you can use an encrypted password generator that stores complex passwords in protected software. This can be downloaded as an app that will protect your passcodes more than anything else will. Don’t reuse passwords and change them often. If you think that you have been compromised, change all of your passwords immediately.

Use a VPN

One way to ensure that your information and data are safe is to use a virtual private network to protect your web browsing and information you send over the internet. VPN apps offer an additional layer of defense for sensitive information and prevent spammers from tracking and exploiting it to hold you hostage. Hiding your IP address, no one can figure out what you are up to and you can avoid cyber criminals trying to steal your financial and personal information.

Download Vault Apps

If you have sensitive photos, videos, or other content that you want to keep safe, you should download a vault app where you can keep them secure. Hackers may try to find sensitive videos and photos to hold you ransom for money. No matter who you are and what you do, a vault app can help you stay safe from online predators.

Clear History

You should also clear your history to provide an additional shield of protection and keep your personal info safe. Without clearing history, hackers have an into the websites you have been visiting and people you have been talking to. Take advantage of secret mode, although you should know it doesn’t fully protect you. Encrypted browsers are helpful for anyone with highly sensitive information and if you who visit sites you don’t want people to know about.

Use Find my iPhone

Activating Find my iPhone will also help you defend against people who are trying to compromise your data to steal your identity or financial information. When you lose your phone, you can log onto the app and find it on another iOS device. There is also the option to wipe the device remotely, which will help you when you think that your phone has been stolen. Even if a thief managed to access the device, you can remove sensitive information by cleaning out the phone automatically when it connects to the internet.

Manage Location Services

By choosing no when an application asks for access to your location, you will avoid another pathway to access your information. Still, you have the option to allow access to your location when you are using the phone. Either way, paying attention to this setting, along with the other settings above, can help you keep your information secure. Finding the right onboard methods and additional apps will protect your device from hackers and avoid malicious cybercriminals.

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