7 Smart Home Apps For Entertainment


Smart home devices such as Google Home or Alexa can make your house feel like that futuristic pad from The Jetsons. But while we’re still a way’s away from flying cars and 3D printers that make things out of thin air, we do have smart home devices and apps that make us feel like we’re living in 2062.

In this article, we talk about some of the best smart home apps that can make your house more entertaining. From playing music to operating a home theater system, here are the top apps that you’d want to install on your smartphone as soon as possible:

1. Dijit

Dijit is a free app for both iOS and Android devices that lets you control your equipment and appliances from the palm of your hand. With Dijit, you can manage your home theater equipment with just a few taps, including your TVs, surround-sound speakers, and projectors. Aside from providing total control of all of your home theater equipment, having this app also means you’ll never have to get up from your chair to fiddle with your flat screen or projector again.

2. Audiocalc

If you’re very nitpicky about the volume at which you listen to music, Audiocalc lets you optimize your audio systems down to the last decibel. This app is especially useful if you have a home theater system and are trying to figure out where to place your speakers. Furthermore, it lets you see data such as frequency, period, and wavelength, which can help you create ideal sound if you’re producing music or assessing a track.

3. Music streaming apps

Since there are a lot of music apps with Alexa or Google Home support, we’re lumping them all into one category. If you want to listen to music on your smart home device, some of the best streaming apps are Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, and Deezer. If you have an Apple device, you can hook up your smart home device to Apple Music. You can even play music from YouTube, but you’ll have to purchase the premium version if you don’t want to be interrupted by ads and be able to use your phone outside of the app.

4. Speaker Pop

Speaker Pop is a very useful app for homeowners that want to ensure that their speakers are wired correctly without manually checking them. This polarity-tester app “listens” to the pop sound from the speakers and runs a DSP analysis. If your speakers are not wired correctly, the app will let you know right away, thus, helping you maximize your A/V equipment and avoid that annoying popping sound from the speakers.

black speaker

5. DB

DB is a basic decibel meter that can help you calibrate your speaker levels manually. This app is especially useful for adjusting the settings on your home theater speaker systems. By using DB, you can optimize your speaker levels according to your needs so that you don’t have to adjust the volume level again and again. Furthermore, if your home theater is not soundproof, DB can help you avoid problems with the neighbors by telling you exactly how loud your speakers are.

If you’re attending cacophonous events (concerts, sports games, movies), you can also use DB to measure the relative loudness in the area.

6. Peel Remote

Peel Remote can control most home theater equipment, such as TVs, DVD players, and streaming apps, allowing you to adjust each device’s settings easily from your smartphone. The app can also connect to your cable or satellite service and show you channel listings, recommendations, and “trending now” as well as personalized viewing information. Moreover, Peel Remote can show you listings for Netflix, Hulu, and other major streaming services.

Another great thing about it is that it’s free, but you will have to pay to remove the ads if you want.

7. SURE Universal Smart TV Remote Control

There are countless universal remote apps available out there, but SURE is, by far, one of the best. SURE can control most components of a home theater system, but apart from that, it can also work with Alexa voice control. Moreover, the app allows you to browse audio and video files from your smartphone or computer to your smart TV.

Like most remote control apps, SURE is free but displays periodic ads unless you buy the premium version.

Home entertainment is made even better with these top-notch smart home apps. Aside from making your life easier, these apps can upgrade your home entertainment experience, thus helping you maximize your A/V equipment and even your home appliances. So if you haven’t already, download these apps on your smartphone and try them out today.

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