5 Best Locker Apps for Android 2018


Guest Post by Srishti Shreshth

With rising threats online not only the cybercriminals are threat to your data security but even the curious onlookers also cause certain insecurity. If you are using an Android device and are worried about your data security, then we suggest you use locker apps for Android. These smart locker apps offer easy solution to keep your data protected with extensive security features. Let’s discuss some of these effective apps here.

Locker for Whats Chat App

This powerful locker app for WhatsApp which helps you secure one of the most important apps on your device. Using this app, you can keep all your conversation secured on your WhatsApp. It offers dual security feature where you can create dual password for app and for folders within the app. This free to use app consumes very fewer device resources while offering the best security features. Using this app, you can secure all your personal chats from intruders & cyber criminals. It offers intuitive design and seamless user experience. It also offers password recovery option to help you recover your password details in case you forget it.

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Private Zone

Use this smart locker app to avoid intrusion into your sensitive data that may cause data theft. It allows you to lock your photos, videos, gallery and other important files & apps in a private vault. You can also use this app to lock social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat etc. To keep your data secure, it offers a pattern lock, password lock and fingerprint lock options. Here, you can keep your personal apps & games to private lock so that children can’t access it. It offers multiple themes & covers to help you customize your lock screen. It offers hidden app & cloned app feature. Under hidden app feature, the app will be removed from your device home screen and stored in Privat Zone app. In cloned app feature, you can clone many of your apps and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously. In other features, it offers free VPN, data backup or recovery, data encryption, private browsing, privacy status, harassment intercept, Anti-theft, break-in alert, phone boost and more.

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Lock App

Lock App is trusted by millions of users around the world for its advanced security features. This lightweight, ad-free app is used by users in more than 54 countries worldwide. This smart locker app not only helps you lock your photos, videos, document & other important files but it also helps you secure your important apps. You can use this app to lock various social media apps and your email apps for better security. It offers regular app updates so that you get best of the locker app features in no time. Its super-secret mode allows you to hide icon of the apps so that no one can access your sensitive apps or data. It supports pattern lock, PIN lock, password lock and intuitive crash screen lock.

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Gallery Locker

Gallery Locker (Folder & File Locker) is an intuitive locker app that offers advanced privacy protection features to keep your data safe. It helps you hide & encrypt your data so that no one can access your private data without your permission. Its hide pictures feature helps you hide your app’s icons for better security. You can use this app to lock photos, videos, GIFs and other important files & apps effortlessly. It doesn’t put any storage limitation to hide photos or other data. This smart locker solution supports break-in alerts and takes intruder selfie for extended security. Here, it offers recycle bin feature from where you can restore any of your files within 60 days. It offers one interesting feature where it creates a fake PIN to show fake content to keep your original app data secured. In other features, it offers password recovery, bulk lock/unlock photos option, change thumbnail, slideshow, share locked files, lock individual files, hide app icon, unhide photos, multiple themes, panic switch and more.

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Photo & Video Locker

Use this powerful locker app to keep your photos, videos, documents and other files secure. It offers the easiest and safest way to create a secure location on your device where you can keep all your personal and sensitive data without any worries. Here, you can keep your data secured with secret PIN or pattern lock. Further, you can use its Applock feature to keep your social media apps secure. Using its Documents lock feature, you can keep your important documents safe including bank details, bills, company documents etc.  In other features, it offers break-in alert, face down lock, fake door, fingerprint unlock, album view, multi-select feature, no storage limitations, slideshow photos, material interface, share locked photos/videos, hide thumbnail and more.

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Conclusion: Locker apps for Android offers an easy solution to keep your data secured on your smartphone device. Here, we have discussed some of these effective apps to keep your data secured. If you know more such apps, feel free to comment below.

Metadata: The best locker apps for Android offer an easy solution to keep your data security intact. Let’s discuss some of these effective apps here.

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