4 Best Streaming Services for You to Try


With the strike of the global pandemic in 2020, live streaming has emerged to be an ever-popular hobby. The Spectrum internet speeds and prices have rigorously ensured that the people have enough content to watch to pass their leisure times. Whether you are a businessman or an employed person, a student or even a housewife, there is no denying that you spent hours in front of the TV binge-watching during quarantine and do so even now.

But are the streaming services enough to give people the viewing experience they demand? Probably not! And so, there are many streaming tools that ensure that people get an improved viewing experience than that provided by video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

4 Tools that Make Streaming More Fun

Whether you are interested in searching for a long-forgotten title or want help selecting a random series to binge-watch, you will find the need to use a streaming tool. These 4 streaming tools listed below promise to enhance your viewing experience in more than just one way:

1. JustWatch

If you are tired of bouncing back and forth between your video streaming services to look up the availability of a movie or a series, stop! JustWatch is the perfect online tool that helps you search for a particular title across multiple streaming services at once. Tapping into the databases of Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime, and similar streaming services is a thing of the past with JustWatch. This is the one watchlist that keeps track of all the TV shows and films available on different online TV streaming services.

Here’s the kicker; if the film or web series you are searching for is up for rent or purchase online, then JustWatch will suggest you the right platform to get it from. JustWatch is synchronized across different platforms, including the Amazon, Apple, and Google stores.

2. Can I Binge?

Want to know how much time it would take to complete an entire series from the beginning to the end? After all, it’s a good idea to start a series knowing you’ll wrap it up in so and so time. So, type in the time frame you want to complete your favorite series in the required box. Get an estimate of how many episodes you will have to commit to in a day and binge accordingly. Have an exam two weeks from now but want to get through Money Heist first?

No problem! Can I Binge says that you will have to watch five episodes per day! In this way, you will finish your series timely, leaving enough time to prepare for your upcoming exams. Thinking of Can I binge as weird, are you? Well, you are not alone! Webby literally gave Can I Binge a People’s Choice Award for being the weirdest website around, which surprised no one!

3. IMDb

Watched a movie once and remember an actor’s name? Now, there’s no need to open tens of websites to look up the name of one person, is there? Perhaps there would, but not with IMDb around there isn’t! IMDb is the perfect tool for all movie enthusiasts who want to know the ins and outs of their favorite watches. Whether the characters’ names or the year when a particular movie was released, IMDb is the savviest tool to help you with your searches.

What’s more? IMDb also allows its favorite users to know a movie’s storyline. So, determine whether a film is interesting enough before investing your time in watching the whole thing. Also, don’t forget to search the page for goofs to spot them in the movie itself. It just makes the entire watching experience so much fun!

4. Play Something

When it comes to selecting something to watch, people often become the most indecisive beings on earth all of a sudden! Not anymore! Netflix launched its newest and most convenient ever feature, ‘Play Something’, earlier this year. It selects a movie or a series based on your recent watches. By clicking on ‘Play Something,’ you give Netflix the authority to show you something, anything, that your indecisive self can binge on.

However, this feature isn’t available to all account holders. Netflix only granted this life-changing plug-in to a selected group of people. So, if you own a Netflix Smart TV app and can see the Play Something plug-in on the navigation menu (the one on the left), deem yourself one of the lucky few!

Even if you aren’t a Netflix person, your streaming service didn’t deprive you of this facility. Other streaming services also have similar extensions like the Hulu Random Episode Button or the Ceros site for Disney Plus. You just have to play in a bit and get familiar with your internet streaming service.


From helping you choose which movies to watch, look up the names of your favorite movie characters, and provide you with storylines of films, these four websites make things easy for every live streamer. The key is to know which one to use. So, what are you waiting for? Make your streaming simpler, smarter, and more fun with the aforementioned streaming tools!

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