The Perks of Remote Working for Employees


If you are rethinking the way you work, now is the time to think about remote work. You will be in good company if you choose to telecommute. Studies show that 70% of people globally work remotely at least once every week. So you might as well join them. The benefits of remote working are worth considering.

   1. Working remotely will help you earn more money

Working from home will help you earn more money. Research shows that the average income for people who telecommute is $4,000 more than for those who don’t. That’s a significant difference. And there are several reasons for this.

When you work from home, you are more productive because there are fewer distractions from toxic colleagues and commuting delays. And that could lead to higher compensation. Also, you save more money on fuel and work clothes. Save for those days when you need to have online meetings, you can work in your pajamas all day long. Considering how much it costs to buy official work clothes, it’s not surprising that you get to save so much when working at home.

   2. Working remotely enables you to travel

Telecommuting offers you the chance to travel to destinations that you have always wanted to visit. So long as you get your work done on time without compromising the quality, most employers could care less about where you are.

In this digital era, all you need is access to the Internet to get your work done. A cloud-based program management solution can enable you to download, upload, and share your work documents from wherever you are with minimal hassle. And a digital payment solution like PayPal will ensure that you get paid on time, regardless of where you are.

   3. Working remotely has a positive impact on your health

working at a cafe

Toxic work environments are stressful to work in. Some colleagues might be bullies who make your life difficult. You might have to contend with a high-pressure environment where you are expected to work well beyond your official working hours. Then there is the long and frustrating commute that you have to deal with every time you need to go to work or back home. For that reason, working in a physical office can be quite stressful and detrimental to your health.

Studies show that over 80% of people who telecommute have lower stress levels. And that is understandable. Working remotely gives you the chance to work in a peaceful environment, far away from colleagues who gossip about you. You also have less pressure to perform because nobody is looking over your shoulder. Additionally, you can avoid frustrating commutes because you can work from home. And all these things contribute to you being happier and less stressed, which is good for your health.

   4. Working remotely provides work-life balance

Being able to work remotely gives you the chance to arrange your work schedule as you please. That means you can make room to go on a date in the middle of the day or free up time to attend your child’s games. You can divide your working hours or combine them so that you can get work done when your loved ones are away. That way, you can spend time with them when they are back home.

Working remotely requires you to have self-discipline because nobody will be present to supervise your activities. But the rewards it offers you are significant. So you should take advantage of any telecommuting opportunity that comes your way.

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