The Best Smart Home Devices This Coming 2022


You can always make your home a little more livable and automated with smart home devices. These gadgets are equipped with motion sensors, artificial intelligence, and robotic mechanisms to make your daily living as convenient as technology can allow it to be. Since there are hundreds of smart home devices out there, it bears pointing out that there will be more to come in the following years. But now that we’ve finally realized how important our homes are, it’s time to equip them with these gadgets that will make them more convenient to live in.

Of course, you will need a smartphone to control all the features of your smart home devices. Even your grandparents already have the latest iPhone or Android phone, so this should not be a problem. This is the best thing about a smart home device—its ability to be controlled by, yes, a smartphone. So if you are the type of person who forgets to switch off the coffee maker or turn on the lights at night, this is exactly the feature for you.

You can use voice control on most of these devices through your smartphones. If your phone is not close by, this is the kind of feature that you want. It also provides a way for people with disabilities and special needs to control their homes using only their phones.

Smart Home System

First on the list is a smart home system. There are a lot of smart home systems in the market, but the most advanced is the Control 4 automation system that connects to over 100 devices, including heating and cooling systems, lights, blinds, door locks, and many more. The automation of your home begins with a capable system that will integrate every device inside your house—from the audio and video to the smart doorbell to the motion-sensor lighting in the garden. It creates an ecosystem of devices that will secure and protect your home.


Can your home truly be smart without smart light bulbs? This is the best way to start your smart home journey. In fact, even if you don’t have a smart home system yet, you can already start installing smart light bulbs. You can simply swap your regular bulbs with smart bulbs so that they can turn on and off when they sense motion in the garden or even indoors. These light bulbs are very responsive, plus they come in a range of colors and styles, too.


Most smart home advocates are not big fans of smart speakers because, for them, speakers can’t be both smart and good. And yet, manufacturers have managed to come up with a set of audio speakers that can produce high-quality sound and be smart at the same time. These speakers connect your phones and tablets easily so you can control them no matter where you are in the house.



A smart home cannot be a smart home without security cameras. Gone are the days when security cameras produce grainy and blurry videos. These days, these are high-definition cameras that are connected to the internet and integrated into your smartphones. You can see who’s at the door even if you are in your office. The cameras record in 4K resolution what’s going in the vicinity of your home. Were burglars successful in entering your home? The footage will come in handy during the investigation.

Outlet Plugs

If you truly want to automate your home, you need a smart plug. Basically, it can control certain devices that may or may not be exactly “smart.” But the best thing about the smart plug is its ability to monitor the power usage in your home. It can give you detailed information on how efficiently or not you are using electricity. On top of that, users can also set a schedule for when to turn the device on or off. It also gives you an idea of why your energy bill may be skyrocketing. If you are trying to save money, this is the best way to be more energy conscious.

There are plenty more devices that will come up next year, but it all starts from these ones if you truly want an automated home. And why wouldn’t you? Smart homes are way easier to sell. Home buyers are always willing to pay more for smart homes because they come with these features. They are also the most convenient way to live since they provide features that will truly make your home an ecosystem of interconnected smart devices.

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