Productivity Apps That Will Improve Your Work-From-Home Performance In 2021


COVID-19 still runs rampant across the world. Evidence of this is the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. numbering by the hundreds of thousands in the past few weeks.

For this reason, businesses and companies will still have flexible working arrangements which will allow employees to still work from home. Several industries didn’t have a hard time transitioning to this current trend. Businesses such as content marketing or pay-per-click advertising have been around the remote-work-block and already knows how to run their businesses like a well-oiled machine.

On the other hand, traditional businesses that have only recently made the transition to remote work out of need are still feeling their way around managing remote employees.

That being said, technology will be one of their greatest allies in establishing a successful remote work set-up. Here are some apps that will help increase the productivity of any employee who works from home.

8 Apps that Will Help Increase Your Work-from-Home Productivity in 2021

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8. 1Password

One main concern about working remotely is online security. Workers will need access to files, data, and other sensitive information to help them do their jobs well. To prevent any hackers from gaining access to sensitive information that can be used against the company, 1Password helps make it easy for your team to have access to your most important files without compromising your company’s security.

7. Airtable

If you’re still struggling with remote work because of the lack of a management system that helps keep you on track in your workplace, then you will find Airtable very helpful. It is an app that can help you improve self-management that allows you to organize your schedule and workflow in a personalized way.

6. Google Drive

One of the disadvantages of not working in a central office is the lack of access to files and important documents needed to get tasks done. Thankfully, Google Drive, a cloud-based storage tool, allows people to upload, store, and access files, documents, spreadsheets, images, presentations, and more in a highly secure location that can be accessed with an internet connection.

5. Trello

For those who are more visually-inclined and get bored easily with numbers and spreadsheets, Trello is the app for you. It allows users to organize and manage their tasks in a visually engaging way. Because of the fun visual elements brought into it, you can say that it’s the business equivalent of Pinterest or Instagram.

4. HubSpot

Those who are in inbound marketing and sales will surely benefit from HubSpot. This app allows businesses and establishments to attract clients, track sales, convert leads, close deals, and take care of their relationships with their clients. It is loaded with features that will help your marketing department deliver exceptional results.

3. ClickUp

ClickUp, a cloud-based collaboration and project management software, is fast becoming one of the most sought-after apps today. Its features include communication, task assignment, a task toolbar, alerts, and collaboration tools that make running a team remotely a lot easier.

2. Slack

Remote work will not be as effective if relevant communications systems like Slack were not in place. A lot of companies that employ remote workers use this app as a central communications board where they can chat, discuss ideas, and share crucial information with each other despite being in different time zones.

1. Zoom

One of the things COVID-19 took away from us this year is the face-to-face interactions. Meetings had to take place via video conferencing and one of the top apps that delivered this year is Zoom. It has become such an integral part of business this year and is projected to still be one of the most-used apps in 2021.

Check back in from time to time for more useful and practical apps that will help increase your productivity at work. In the meantime, we hope you find our list helpful as you work remotely.

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