Innovative Tech Tools to Invest in to Make Your Life Easier at Home


Experts say that it may change its form, but COVID-19 is here to stay in one way or another. This means that our homes will continue to be worth investing in since one of the best ways to stay safe and healthy is to stay home with our loved ones. If you’re thinking of the latest gadgets and technological tools that are worth investing in for your home, here are the best candidates that can help make your life easier.

Mosquito trap

If your house is located in an area where mosquitoes thrive, a state-of-the-art trap for Asian tiger mosquitoes might be exactly what you need to keep you and your family safe from the diseases that these pesky insects carry. These mosquitoes can carry viruses like the West Nile, Zika, Chikungunya, and diseases like malaria and dengue. The most worrying part is that many of these illnesses share the same symptoms as COVID-19, like fever—and the last thing you want for your family is to be afflicted by any of these viruses when there is a respiratory virus that’s ravaging the world right now.

These are some ways these mosquito traps work:

  • The BG-Mosquitaire Bundle works against tiger mosquitoes that seek hosts
  • The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 Bundle is perfect against various kinds of mosquito species
  • The BG-GAT Double Set traps tiger mosquitoes’ process of laying eggs
  • The BG-Home Bundle is an indoor trap for tiger mosquitoes that enter your home
  • The 6 x BG-GAT Double Set is perfect for multiple houses that want to work together to eradicate mosquitoes completely

Whatever the state of your mosquito infestation, you will surely find an innovative trap for your specific needs. Do away with the harmful chemicals and opt for a safer way to protect your home from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

Smart thermostats

smart thermostat

One of the biggest culprits for high energy bills is traditional HVAC systems. They waste a lot of energy, especially when we forget to maintain them or turn off our air conditioning (AC) or heating units when away from home or not in use. The best way to combat this problem is by investing in smart thermostats, which can help you save not just money on electricity bills but also help you do your part in saving the planet.

These smart thermostats can be accessed through your smartphone, computer, or any device with an internet connection to help you keep track of your home’s temperature and to ensure it remains at a comfortable level. These smart thermostats are also compatible with a wide array of HVAC systems and can be interconnected to your house’s WiFi connection. Some functions smart thermostats can do include monitoring the settings, tracking your house’s energy usage, and automatically adjusting the settings according to the home’s occupants. If you’re the kind of homeowner who often forgets to turn off your AC or heating system and wants to save a bit of money, a smart thermostat might be for you.

Automatic door locks

Another aspect of our home that’s worth investing in is our security and safety. Every homeowner has made the mistake of leaving their doors unlocked when leaving their homes or having to struggle while carrying a lot of groceries or big bags while realizing the keys to their door are in their pockets. An automatic door lock, or smart locks, can bring so much ease, convenience, and security to your daily life—and the only things you’ll need are an internet connection and a smartphone.

Here’s a short primer on how automatic door locks or smart locks work: You can connect your smart lock to your smartphone or tablet, and you can then lock or open your door even from long distances. There is also a feature wherein you can program your door to unlock automatically when it gets within a certain proximity to you–again, through the use of your smartphone or tablet. The best part is that some smart locks were designed, developed, and devised to fit over existing doors and hardware, while some require you to install a new handle assembly or deadbolt. If you’re worried about losing connectivity when electricity is out, you can still use a key for your home.

Not all home investments were created equal. However, there are plenty of technologies now that can certainly make our lives healthier, easier, and safer. Be smart and strategic about the investments you choose to make and know that it’s for you and your family’s overall health, well-being, and security.

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