Apps to Ensure That Your Business Has Maximum Reach


Business exposure is the prime goal of modern marketing. Nowadays, it means being very visible on the internet. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, presence on websites is not going to be enough. Any good marketing solutions agency will recommend that you have a presence on one of the top apps out there. But not all apps are equal and some are better for some markets than others.

Here is a look at some apps your company should be looking to create a presence on.


At the top of the app mountain is Instagram. This image-focused website is facing some serious competition from TikTok but it is fighting back with additional features. Marketing on Instagram was mostly about influence and ensuring those with a lot of followers would recommend your business. But that can be hit-or-miss.

With the new check-out feature, influencers can redirect their followers to purchase products. This is great since it operates with an automatic commission, which makes it easier for both sponsor and influence to get results. The app is also making more changes in the future so companies should be looking out for other opportunities.


Not many people know it by TikTok is pretty old. It’s a rebrand of which was released back in 2014. But only with the 2018 rebrand did it get so much traction. Now, it is the number two app in the world and some say it is aiming to get number one soon. So having a marketing presence on the app should be an easy decision. However, the format of short videos can be confusing to navigate.

A good idea would be to create short tutorial videos for your particular industry. For example, a guitar company would benefit from some simple chord tutorials. The demographic can also be a challenge since it shows that most TikTok users are 10 to 29 years old. That might be out of your demographic range so investing in it would be a mistake.


The biggest social media site in the world has its personalized app. This is mainly for mobile platforms but it is still very popular. For any company that has had to do some Facebook marketing, the basics should be easy. But 2021 Facebook is a different place from earlier versions. You’ll still need some help in ensuring that your company gets sufficient reach on the platform. The good news is that your potential customers are already likely on Facebook. It is only a matter of developing a good marketing strategy that will reach them.

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Many businesses skip on WhatsApp. Admittedly, it is because it is mainly a messaging platform. However, companies forget that it is very similar to e-mail marketing. Sending out a message blast on WhatsApp can reach a lot of people. The only problem is adding them to your contact list. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to overcome.

You’ll need to coordinate your other marketing campaigns with your WhatsApp operations so that people know your contact info on the app. If they are interested, they will contact you. Additionally, asking customers for WhatsApp contact info can also add them to your list. You can also set up a marketing channel that they can subscribe to easily.


Telegram is another messaging app that businesses forget about. But it can also be a great marketing vehicle. A good move would be to set up a channel and have an AI bot run it. You’ll have 24/7 customer service. This is great for companies like travel agencies that often have inquiries about travel rates and schedules that can easily be answered by artificial intelligence. If a real person is needed, then the customer can be asked to wait until an actual rep is notified so that there can be a follow-up conversation.


While Snapchat may be old news, it still has a significant reach. There were more than 200 million active users in 2020 and that is nothing to sneeze at. Marketing on Snapchat is a unique challenge since it seems like a cross between a messaging app and Instagram. Fortunately, there are dozens of features on the app that can help create great content. For that, you’ll need to hire specialists to come up with stories and Snaps that will draw people in.

Knowing the right apps is just the beginning. Many business owners assume that they can wrap things up in marketing by simply doing things on their own. But it isn’t that simple. Unless a company has a dedicated marketing team, they won’t be able to make these apps work for them. A good approach is to then find a great marketing agency to work with you in developing your online presence in these apps.

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