Three Copywriting Tips for Landing Pages


A landing page is where the visitor literally lands after they click on a link from an ad, article, email, or other online m marketing materials. You see why copy and design are so important for this page—they can make or break whether a visitor would become a customer. That is the goal of a landing page, and that is why web design agencies are so good at what they do.

If you want to try your hand at writing a landing page copy for your business or if you see yourself becoming a part of marketing agencies as a writer one day, here are some tips on improving your copywriting skills and turning interested visitors into buying customers.

Leverage customer reviews and testimonials

If the business or brand has been operating for a while and already has an excellent reputation among customers, don’t hesitate to use their reviews and testimonials to engage visitors. One of the most compelling conversion copy strategies you can employ may not be about writing; it’s about allowing satisfied customers to write the copy for the brand.

Good reviews and testimonials can convert like nothing else can because consumers often look to reviews and past customers to see if a brand is worth investing in—even more than they look at the price, brand, free shipping, and other factors. Testimonials are compelling because it allows visitors a glimpse into what their own experiences will be if they try out the brand. So don’t hesitate to add some quotes and customer pictures (with their consent!) to your landing page.

Make the benefits the centerpiece of the narrative

Instead of hard-selling your product or service, make sure to emphasize the benefits and value one will get if one chooses your brand. Here’s one thing you need to know about customers: They know the solution to their problem. They are looking for products and services, they are on your brand’s landing page because they know exactly what they’re looking for. They have the resources they need to learn anything they need to know or to get answers to their questions, thanks to this little thing called Google.

So when it comes to writing copies for landing pages, it’s not so much solution sales that will help you—it’s the value and benefits they will get from your brand. While you also need to mention your solution so that your visitor knows that they are on the right page, you don’t need to push that solution too hard. The emphasis must be on the benefits and the value of your service or product.

One example of a brand that does this well is Jaybird, a brand that sells high-end Bluetooth headsets. When you visit their landing page, you will notice that it only talks about the value and the benefits, and very little about solutions. More than talking about the specific features of their products, they talked more about the results and the experience that the customer will get by availing of their product or service. Benefits and value outweigh features and solutions every single time, so don’t forget that when writing a copy for your landing page.

Make it short but powerful

Here’s a piece of trivia not every writer will love to hear: Customers only often skim through websites, they don’t often read every word. They only tend to quickly scan the page, which means they only pick out individual sentences or words.

This means that copywriters need to adjust to the way visitors read landing pages. Here are some of the sections that readers will most likely focus on:

  • The headline and the subheadline
  • Pictures
  • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons

The other sections that readers might pay attention to or the following:

  • Major section headlines
  • Short paragraphs
  • Image captions
  • Bullet points

If these are the kind of readers we’re working with, then we must ensure that our headlines are compelling and clear. The subheadline must emphasize the service or product’s benefits. The pictures must be engaging and aesthetically pleasing and communicate a strong narrative about the brand’s inherent value. And lastly, bullet points might be better instead of long paragraphs.

There are so many brands out there trying to win customers. If our brands have a strong landing page filled with compelling copies, then we might have our best shot at reaching our marketing goals. Partner with an agency that knows how to create the best websites that can complement your writing.

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