Common Simple Smartphone Problems and How to Fix Them


Like a lot of people in this digital age, you rely heavily on your smartphone to perform different everyday tasks. Smartphones serve as more than a communication device, but also as a planner/calendar, calculator, television, map/navigator, and bridge to the online world. For this reason, any downtime can cause a significant effect on how you live.

As an essential device, your smartphone should function properly as long as you need it. Unfortunately, there are instances when issues arise and affect the functionality of your device. Issues such as crashes and bugs, for instance, are common headaches among users. The good news is there are simple things you can try to solve these problems.

Keep in mind. though, that some cases require the help of a professional technician. According to companies offering Trimble repair and parts, it’s best to take your phone to a repair shop when DIY fixes don’t work.

Nevertheless, here are some common simple smartphone problems that you may handle on your own.

Faulty apps

A wonky app or two can affect the overall system of your device. Try to solve this by deleting the data stored by the problematic app on your phone. If you’re an Android user, open Settings, and go to App & Notifications. Choose App Info, find the problematic app, and click Storage. Clear the cache to delete temporary files, which tend to occupy too much storage or get corrupted over time. Clearing the cache may not be enough to fix the issue, so try clearing the data as well. This will erase the app’s info, meaning you need to log in again with your username and password once you open it.

For iOS users, the best way to tackle issues with a broken app is to uninstall and reinstall it. This should delete data stored locally, but keep in mind that this also means you have to download, reinstall, and log into the program. You can also try this step on your Android phone when clearing the data don’t seem to work.

Failing battery

An iphone being used for directions

If your phone’s battery drops by 50% in just an hour, there surely is something wrong. This can be the effect of the battery’s old age. Replacement is easily done when your phone is an old model. In some cases with new smartphone models, you may be better off buying a new unit. Before you do so, go to the Battery entry in your phone’s settings. Check for apps that eat up energy while working on the background (such as location trackers and pedometers) and try to uninstall them to see if they really are the culprit.

The thing is batteries naturally degrade, but there are things you can do to prolong its life and essentially the life of your device. For one, turn on the battery saving mode on your settings. Another is to minimise the brightness of your screen display. Also, try to put your phone in airplane mode once in a while.

Take note that these fixes should work well for minor problems only, and it’s wiser to consult with a technician when things don’t work. Repair services can be easily accessible today and what’s best about this option is you get quick and certain solutions to your problem. Technicians are experienced in detecting issues and diagnosing devices so it leaving the job to them can be the smartest option.

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