5 Home Automation Ideas That Will Improve Your Lifestyle


Technology has greatly improved by leaps and bounds. It has enabled us to experience things that were deemed impossible from a few decades ago.

Technology has allowed man to walk on the moon, communicate with another person on the other side of the world in real-time and see each other as we talk, harvest power from the wind and sun, and build structures that reach the sky among other things.

A new technological trend that has gained a lot of attention over the past decade is domotics.

What is domotics?

Domotics, or home automation, allows you to control your home and manage it from anywhere in the world using mobile devices. It may initially be associated with sprinkler systems and thermostats, but it also includes controlling appliances, electrical outlets, lights, and cooling and heating systems that are hooked up to a network that is accessible by remote control, such as a Control4 system.

5 Automation Ideas to Make Your Life a Lot Easier at Home

1. Never go to sleep with unlocked doors ever again.

Have you ever had nights when you were too tired and you forgot to lock the doors and secure your home? Or do you have young adults living with you who come home late at night and forget to lock the doors? Well, home automation now lets you sleep peacefully at night with smart locks that allow you to lock and unlock your door digitally.

2. Wake up to the perfect morning.

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and having everything fall into place for you. From the time your alarm goes off, your home system intelligently executes your preferred presets, such as turning the bathroom lights and exhaust fan on, brewing your daily dose of coffee in the kitchen, and adjusting the temperature downstairs a few minutes before you go down.

3. Have eyes everywhere.

security camera

Security cameras are great at repelling scoundrels from your home who intend to do mischievous or harmful things. They’re also handy at keeping an eye on your children or pets whenever they’re playing outside. Hooking your cameras up with motion sensors allows them to turn on and record any activity within its sight which helps you monitor your children’s playtime.

4. When darkness comes, so does the light.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can use the setting of the sun as some sort of trigger to turn the lights on at home, especially if you’re coming in late at night? This helps keep robbers and thieves away from your home under the impression that someone’s inside. With home automation, it is now possible to set-up using geofencing.

5. Make the house responsive to certain triggers and set up the appropriate environment for you.

Another advantage that home automation has is it lets you adjust the settings in your home based on your activities and schedule. Whether you’re up for a home workout or an evening of R&R, you can easily pre-program different settings and preferences in specific parts of the house according to your activity.

With the way technology keeps advancing, we’re in for a lot more surprises and treats that can make our lives more convenient and interesting.

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