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Statement of Faith

  • The Bible is without question or condition, the inspired Word of God, our continual and certain guide for life and ministry.

  • Our Heavenly Father is one God, uniquely and eternally manifest in three persons--Himself, His Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus Christ, ,the Son of God, is and was and shall be equal to God.  He created all things on earth and throughout space and time.  He came to earth by the power of the Holy Spirit and the human body of the Virgin Mary.  While on earth, He lived a sinless life.  He arose bodily from the grave.  He now sits at the Heavenly Father's right hand in Heaven.  There He remains ever aware of all His creation and especially those who trust Him as Savior.  He will one day return to earth as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  • It is imperative for the message of God's love and mercy in Christ to be told to all people alive and present on the earth.  Only through personal, individual faith in Jesus Christ may any person, while living on the earth, become a member of God's eternal family.

  • All people, who die, will one day be resurrected.  Those who are members, by their choice, of God's family, will arise to eternal joy and purpose.  Those who have not chosen to be members of God's family will come under judgment and the eternal state God has provided for them.

  • We support the local church, believing all true believers are members and ministers together in the Church Universal,  which the Word of God designates as the Body of Christ.  By His own words, during His time upon the earth, Jesus Christ challenged and commissioned this Body to carry His message to all living people.

Mark 16:15 says:
"He said to them, "Go into all the world
and preach the good news to all creation.

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