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The Work is Completed. Now What?

   ● Each Country, Culture, and Committee is unique. Once

      a Language Recording Project is completed, the

      process of implementation begins. Distribution of

      finished video will go forward through a variety of


   ● When possible, in-country duplication and distribution

      of video – DVD – VCP begins. Also USA duplication and

      distribution of video – DVD – VCP begins. We want to

      be sure no one is left out.

   ● Individual Pastors – Evangelists and Christian leaders

      schedule their own programs and begin to spread the

      Good News of Jesus Christ through visual media.

   ● Reports are submitted to InterComm sharing activities

      of showings plus statistics when possible.

   ● As InterComm meets new speakers of each language,

     we proceed to equip them locally or from our supplies

     as soon as possible.


Tell Me...

    ● What happens in a typical project?

    ● Why we do it?

    ● Who pays for all this?

    ● Where are you going next?

    ● The work is completed, now what?

    ● What’s available now?


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There is never enough money to provide all the resources that are needed.

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