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The World Responds


Evangelist Benedict Oppong-Kwarteng from Ghana writes:

Evangelist Oppong-Kwarteng back in the 16mm Film Days

"Thank you very much for your concern and love for missionary adventures. The tools you are talking about will help our future missions outreaches. I have been using a 14" TV and Video Player for school and children's crusades, but I am no longer able to use it, because it has worn out. I'd wanted to tell you this, but I was feeling shy. Now I believe it is God who has opened this door so that we can continue this great work. Our borrowed equipment, because of frequent travels in the dust and mud, is blurred and no longer useable, God bless you, InterComm, for planning to help us."

Rev Shalem Israel, who headed up our Telugu Language Recording Project in Visakhapatnam, India writes:

"In fact my Video Projector Bulb has reached its final stage and has become very dull. i have been searching for a new bulb. Slowly the Projector stopped working and now we have no Video Projector with us. So at the present time we are not able to have AVangelism Showings for the people. If you can provide us with a new Video projector, we will immediately start again the Video Ministry. Thank you for all of your love and concern for my ministry. I really do need a new Video Projector for AVangelism Outreach."

Rev James Andika from Kenya writes:

"I am sponsoring 6 Teams in 6 countries, and each Team has 4 members. So we have a very big AVangelism program. Currently we are renting equipment on a regular basis to do the shows. The demand is great all over, and we need to reach Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Angola, Gabon, and Ethiopia. With the help of your equipment, we can do this."

Rev Augustine Dorbor from Liberia shared:

"Right now we can only do Film AVangelism whenCampus Crusade allows us to use their equipment. If we have our own equipment, it will allow us to do much good work for the ministry. Thank you for your prayers for reaching people through the use of Media."

Also from Liberia, Evangelist J Aaron Wright shares:

"I want to highly appreciate God for you. I have been renting equipment for quite some time, but this is expensive, and we are limited to how many times we can use it. We are immediately checking the stores for prices and will get this information to you so you can make plans. We thank God for you and your desire to empower us to reach our lost brothers and sisters in Liberia."

Pastor Ravi Daniel from Pakistan shares:

"Dear brother, if we had our own Video Projector and DVD Player, then we are able to use your great Urdu language movies here for our Movie Evangelism in Pakistan. We believe through AVangelism we can see many new believers come to Christ through the showings that we would schedule. With our own Projector, we can go into many villages and other unreached areas and to surrounding churches and meet people we would never have contact with before. Through this, we believe there will be a host of new believers in Christ in Pakistan. We promise if you help us secure this equipment, that we will send you regular Reports and pictures of the ministry."

At the bottom of his AVangelism Report, listing 121 showings to 4,477 people with 156 people coming to Christ, Rev Job Mkama from Tanzania wrote:

"It's amazing how African people love watching films. Films mean a lot to Africans. We only use just a small Video Screen, but if we have a Video Projector, we could reach a much bigger number of people in our showings."

Bishop Edward Grabvenko from Russia writes:

"We apologize for keeping silent so long. We have been involved in so many events and lots of work here. We still go to many different areas, villages, and communities, bringing the Gospel of Christ to people. We definitely use video equipment, whenever it is available. Our own Video Projector and DVD Player would help us a great deal so that many more people could hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow we will let you know the exact prices for equipment in our area. Many blessings to you and your Team."

Pastor John Katavo from Rwanda shared:

"We used to show your videos with a small screen video set, which we had to borrow from a nearby school. Although one of our Teams owned a large TV, but his equipment has gotten old and is not reliable. We have not been able to replace it, because it costs a lot of money to repair, and the quality is not good. It needs to be fixed or repaired all of the time. Video films always attract large numbers. You cannot even hide yourself. Even if you are a small group in a sitting room, you will not stay unnoticed during your showings. So we need a Video Projector, which is more appropriate for large gatherings. This is a challenge to us because our ministry and our school teams have financial limitations, and there is a high level of poverty and chronic wars going on in our country. We did have a Projector for a short period of time - 2 years, but then the bulb got burnt, and it was not possible to replace it. Since then, we have been saving towards a new Projector, which costs about $600. We have only saved $100 so far, but we are trusting God for this new equipment so that the ministry can go forward again. We have missed some nice opportunities without it. Thank you for praying about providing Video Projectors and a DVD Player and inquiring with us about our ministry situation. This collaboration encourages us greatly in ministry. We will be kneeling in prayer beside you before the Throne of Grace for these requests and storming the Heavens for the salvation of many. When you pray, please remember to ask the Lord for peace in our area of Eastern Congo, as we are sometimes called. Many innocent people are being killed.even nearby UN Peacekeepers Camps. They need the Gospel of comfort, and as people are looking for comfort anywhere, we feel that the harvest is ripe. But there is a risk if we do not act promptly. May the Lord help you and us to take up this challenge. Blessings always to you, good friend and fellow co-workers."

So you see, good friends, God has opened the door of opportunity, and we must move ahead and provide this equipment to the best of our ability to people, such as these, who are earnestly trusting the Lord for the helps that right now it would seem InterComm must provide. God bless you, as you continue to make this possible.

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